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We offer Pulses like Moong Gram, Urad Gram, Kidney Beans, Chickpeas, Green Peas, White peas and many more with consistent high quality and the nutrient values.

Moong Gram

Urad Gram

Desi Channa Whole

Kabuli Chickpeas


Pigeon Peas - Tur Whole

Green Peas

White Peas


Cow Beans - Black Eyed Beans

Red Kidney Beans - Plain Red Rajma

Red Speckled Beans - Chitra Rajma

Horse Beans

Red Lentils

Masoor Whole

Masoor Split

Masoor Dal without skin

Split Lentils

Moong Split

Moong Chilka

Black Gram Split

Black Gram Split

Channa Split

Tur Split

Black Gram Whole



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